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Rental Terms

During the tenancy agreement, the group A, B, C, D must have domestic or international international qualifications for the vehicles and must be 25 years old. The driver's license must be at least 3 years old.

At least 3 days. Special rates apply for monthly or annual leases.

Prices include lubrication, maintenance, insurance against third parties (within legal policy boundaries). It includes 18% VAT (VAT). The fuel seat belongs to the charterer. The baby seat can be rented with 48 hours notice, the baby seat fee is 2 € per day. It has a capacity of 19 kg and 3 years.

All our vehicles are up to 3 years old and have Full Rent A Car.
The rates stated on our site include the insurance fee.

If you have confirmed your reservation, our mail address will be confirmed. Maya Rent A Car staff is obliged to deliver and deliver your vehicle to you at the place and time you mentioned on your reservation form. In order to be able to deliver the vehicle, you need to have your driver's identity and photocopy of your passport. Otherwise the vehicle can not be delivered.
Deliveries are made free of charge at airports and offices. In these cities, with the condition of giving up, giving notice; Hotel, work place, station, harbor etc. In some cases such reservations need to be at least 10 days according to the season. Delivery fees are applied as surcharge in vehicle deliveries and cancellations in cities where Maya Rent A Car facilities are not available.

Traffic fines and parking fees are for rent.
Our vehicles can not be taken abroad.