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Places to Visit in Adana


It would be wrong to say that Adana is a very touristy city from a traditional point of view. Adana's foreign guests, who are agriculture, business and industry city, are generally business people or transfer travelers who come for commercial purposes. However, a serious gastronomic tourism develops especially with the ease of flights in our country and the disappearance of flavors in big cities. Besides, Adana is the face of our country with being a leader in the region in terms of health tourism. In particular, let us note that the historic structure of Adana contains a complete 'reality', which makes it a landholding site for as many ancient cities as the Aegean Islands. This Cukurova city has many historical and cultural artifacts to be seen in Adana with its rich history and rich history. A trip to Adana, a journey that will be accompanied by slow, intoxicating, dodo-eaten dishes.

Places to Visit in Adana City

Adana Stone Bridge: The symbolic structure of Adana Stone Bridge was built during the Roman period TAAA, today is a historical structure connecting Seyhan and Yüreğir central districts. This structure, open to vehicle traffic for a few years ago, is the oldest bridge to Earth's vehicle traffic. The dark part of the bridge, which was built with 21 eyes, shrank with fillings and today it is stood in the middle of the city as a date with 14 eyed feet.
Adana Taş KöprüAdana Ulu Mosque: (Ramazanoğlulları Mosque): It is the symbol structures of Adana. There are principals told throughout history lessons, hah, during the period of Ramazanoğulları; It is a historic building completed in 1541. Mimarisi Selçuk and Mamluk style. It is Adana's largest camisas before the Central Mosque.Adana Ulu CamiAdana Merkez Sabancı Mosque: Right next to the Seyhan River, the mosque alongside the same name Adana Central Park is the largest camel in Turkey and the Middle East. It is an impressive work with 6 minarets at a height of 99 meters.Sabancı Merkez Cami
Adana Archaeological Museum: History has been moved many times and it is now open in the city center in Reşatbey. The artefacts from the archaeological excavations in the Çukurova region are exhibited. The entrance is 5 TL and the museum card is valid, but it is temporarily closed in 2014.

Adana Central Park: The huge area at the side of the river with the Sabancı Central Mosque is really a botanical breathing space. The fairly large lawn area, various trees and the presence of nature are an important example of the European central city urban park culture.
Adana Merkez Park
Historical Earliest Bazaar: Located next to the Great Clock, the historical bazaar is one of the oldest examples of traditional Anatolian closed bazaar. Today, there are all kinds of shops for everyday needs, even though it is the bazaar of copperers and winners.

Big Hour: It is Turkey's largest clock tower with a length of 32 meters. It was built in 1881 and opened for service in 1 year. At that time, clocks are the symbol of modernization. It is 5 meters further from the clock tower of Dolmabahçe (27 meters) which is the second biggest clock tower of our country which is built 5 years after itself. Your city is in the bazaar. This is the tower in the municipality's coat.
Büyük Saat
Adana Bazaar Bath: The front of the bath opposite the big clock is closed with shops. Again the haman who remained from Ramazanoğulları period has been open since 1529. It's a private business that serves women half a day, half a day men.

Adana Ethnography Museum: The museum was opened in 1983 and is located in Kuruköprü Mahallesi, the city center, which houses historical products for the locals of the Çukurova and the locals of the Taurus Mountains. The building, which is a church built in 1845 largely from the inside, influences us. Entrance is free.
Misis Mosaic Museum: It is a museum exhibiting mosaics dating from the Ancient Misis period, serving only to the curious, serving as a subsidiary of the Adana Archeology Museum. It's your priority. Entrance is free.

Çoban Dede Park and Çoban Dede Tomb: This multicultural area serving the night life due to the daytime worship, natural structure and river view due to the tomb of Çoban Dede, one of the leading figures of Karslı village, located in the history of the city, is a hill on the shore of the Seyhan River ... Your priority But the time is too long.

Hasan Aga Mosque: The only Ottoman architectural masterpiece in Adana. In 1558, it is a touristic property with the characteristic of being made without using nails. It has a simple, low-rise, single-glazed minaret.

Seyhan Dam, Dam Lake: Seyhan River, which is the largest river flowing to the Mediterranean, has contributed to the city center of Adana for years. This natural beauty offers the opportunity to cool the local community with a dam to prevent floods in time and the beauties on the same dam. You can walk, shoot and enjoy the riverside like the Adanalılar.
Seyhan-Baraj-Gölü-2Old Dam and Regulator Bridge: You can explore the many simple tastes in our Adana food and drink notes, the dam lakeside shore and old baggage, as well as the Seyhan regulator bridge and coastline. Some street stalls, turnip juice v.s. Is a good point for.Regülatör-Köprü-2Adana Atatürk Evi Museum: In 1923, the house where Ata was visiting the city was opened as a museum in the year of birth in 1981. As an important preserved example of typical 19th century Adana houses, the building is open for various rooms. The center of Yüreğir is on Seyhan Street. It is connected to the Ministry of Culture and the entrance is free.Adana-Atatürk-Evi
Dilberler Segi: It was built on the banks of the Seyhan River within the scope of the new Adana Projects. It offers a café with views of the lake and the river, both by walk and by bicycle. It is a recreational, sporting and recreational area.

Places to Visit in Adana

Anavarza Castle and Ancient City: 70 km from the center. Almost nothing is standing today in Anavarza City, which has remained from ancient times on the border of Kozan district of Ceyhan district. Of this important work of the Klikya, only the hammam, the church, the huge wall and the colonnaded road are alive, and the citadel of the city is standing firmly in its stead. Entrance of Anavarza Ruins, connected to the Ministry of Culture, is free.
Misis Ancient City: As part of the historical Silk Road on the banks of the Ceyhan River, the region has hosted more than ten civilizations throughout history. The mosaic floors of a building, acropolis walls, baths, aqueducts and a 9-stone bridges nourish the soil of our country as residues that we can still live on and is at the top of the list of places Adana will see outside the city.

Şahmeran Castle: (Yılnakale) (Yilanale): The building within the borders of Adana province is a bit far from the city center. Located on one of the rare elevations of Çukurova, this monument, which has been a watchtower to the Silk Road throughout history, offers a historic journey to the hill. The official name of the work that was left from the 12th century is the Yılankale and we Adanalılar Şahmeran are indisputable.

The Ancient City of Shar: In the far north of the district of Tufanbeyli, there are Hittite, Roman and Byzantine artifacts very close to the borders of Kayseri. Most of the artifacts that survived daily are from the Roman period. Let's say the entrance is free and we are never gone.
Şar Antik Kenti
Ayaş Ancient City: Adana is a Mediterranean city at the same time and shows the coastline of the sea (everybody looks at the sea from the sea, Adana is near the sea, while the provincial center is quite far away from the sea), the coastal town of Yumurtalık, placement. It is a harbor city built by Macedonian commanders who settled behind the defeat of Alexander the Great, the Persian Emperor Dara, in the battle near the end of 4 BC. We recommend that those who are on time leave.

Varda Bridge: This enormous railway bridge on the west side of Karaisalı is 99 meters high and 200 meters long, built in 1912 by the Germans. There are travelers who even go to see the show. The district promises the natural beauty of Kapıkaya Canyon with its bridge to its guests.
Varda-KöprüsüFeke Castle: This historic castle in the Feke district is another guardian of the Silk Road. The view from the 12th century remains as impressive as its own. The inside of the garden and the pool has been living up to daylight. Feke 125 km to Adana.Feke Kalesi
Provinces of Adana, Yumurtalık and Karataş: Honesty is essential in Keşfetsene. Let's be clear that the coastal tourist profile is a bit lower in this area. Do not expect the masses of traditional Mediterranean coasts. The quality of the sea is also low, and the beaches are quite neglected. If you are angry and our friends are angry, we will not offer anyone. If you are not Antalya, you are going to Mersin for better quality of the sea.

Cities to Visit Adana

Definitely Hatay and Mersin, along with the Mersin coastline, is one of the most important riches. Let's also count the neighboring provinces of Adana: Kahramanmaraş, Niğde, Osmaniye and Kayseri.